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2 Aegis Awards
2 Telly Awards

Artistic talent makes the difference.

In this day and age, there are many ways to commemorate a loved one. But when you have a multiple national award winning editor capturing the spirit and essence of your furbaby, there is a difference.


I Love My Pet Video was started to provide an outlet for people to express the love of their pet. I lost my cat, Marius J. Moose when he was 12, in 2006. Having found my little Tonkinese when he was only 7 days old, abandoned, his eyes still closed and his umbilical cord still attached, I was as much "Mommy" to him as if I had been born with fur. He was sent to me at the worst time in my life and we survived together, paw in hand.


I was devastated when he crossed to the Rainbow Bridge, as we all are when we lose our beloved family members. As a form of comfort, I started putting together a memorial for my big boy. Realizing how this was helping me in my grieving process, I decided I wanted to provide that outlet for other animal lovers.


In putting together montages, I also realized that I don't have to produce only memorials, but celebrations of life as well. Day-in-the-Life, Baby's First Year or even old family photos brought back to life to preserve your family history is a wonderful keepsake of the special relationship between you and your pet.



& Marcom Awards

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