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We Love Your Pets As Much As You Do...


With basic label included, Chapter Menu on disc

      - $10.00/disc

With personalized photo label, Chapter Menu on disc

     - $15.00/disc



Title Page, Frozen on Screen      - $5.00/page

Scrolling Text, like movie credits - $10.00



Phone video:

We convert your presentation for uploading

online or for playback on your phone - $50.00

UPDATE! FREE for any Orders placed by 12/1/20!!!


Price List - Photo Montages

With music provided by the customer for customer's

personal project. Music included at no price. Limited audio  editing available.


  Our Special limited time Event:

Bindi Sue Package

  • Provide up to 40 photos of your beloved pet and choose from one of 5 transition themes

  • Includes upload to YouTube (dvd extra - see dvd options above)

LIMITED TIME PRICING - $50.00! (Regular Pricing $75.00)

Our most cost effective

package. Simple cuts between photos with music of your choice

make a music video of

your beloved family

member. On average,

2-3 songs needed.

Marius Special


75 Photos, normally $112.50,

    now $75.00 with             free dvd

Tonk Package

Dissolves or random

effects between your

photographs put to

music of your choice is a lively way to preserve your furbaby.

75 Photos - reduced to $100.00

Add movement throughout your photographs, which brings your photos alive. (Due to image limitations, movement will not be on every photograph.) All put to the music of your choice, this option really entertains your viewer.

Moose Package


75 Photos - reduced to $175.00

Price List - Music Videos -

All prices reduced

Graphics, Titles and DVD with personalized label included in pricing.

One Song

One Song

Appx. 5 minutes in length, 5-10 video clips and up to 75 photos, no movement within photos

 - $250.00

Appx. 5 minutes in length, 5-10 video clips and up to 75 photographs, movement within some photos

 - $325.00

Two Songs

Appx. 9 minutes in length, 5-10 video clips and up to 150 photos,

no movement within photos

 - $450.00

Two Songs

Appx. 8 minutes in length, 5-10 video clips and up to 150 photos, movement within some photos

 - $600.00

As animal lovers ourselves, we will put together a presentation that honors the love you and your pet  will always have.

Deluxe Music Video

10-15 minutes in length, unlimited video clips,

movement within some photos......starting at $750.00


Transitions Between Photos:

Cuts (photo appears, one after the other, no transition between)


Dissolves (photo dissolves into next image)

Special Effects (various visual effects from one image into the next)


Motion on Photos: movement within the image - brings your image to life!

(Not utilized on every photo due to image restraints, but used throughout your presentation)

 - $3.00/photo

 - $1.50/photo

 - $2.00/photo

Video Conversions:

Any format:  $10.00 - $25.00 per clip

Price depends on difficulty of conversion, format, length, etc.

(1-5 clip limit; more than 5 clips takes you to the Music Video Section)

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