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All in this together!

Hope this finds all of you safe and healthy, as well as all of your loved ones. Things are difficult for all of us as we all adjust to changes, and hopefully we can take this time to rediscover what is important to us: family.

Since our business started with the loss of our Muse Emeritus, Marius back in 2006, life is very different, and yet, still the same. Different faces, but loving them just as much, each in their own special way. Our family expanded by taking in 2 hard luck kitty cases who have since gone onto the Rainbow Bridge. Our beloved Bindi Sue, found so emaciated that she could hardly stand. Having started this life without any nutrition, her health was always an issue, that we tried treating and fixing until she decided that it was time to let go of the pain. But she was loved, loved, loved while she was here. I loved how she could only always manage one eyebrow to join her tuxedo outfit.

Then our little old lady Winter, found on the streets, guessed to be 10 years old, with no teeth or claws. As no one would take her, into the homestead she came. She was a grumpy one, taking quite awhile to figure out that life would be ok now. There is nothing sweeter than a kitty grumbling at you for almost a year to you waking up in the middle of the night, with said grumpy cat sleeping on your shoulder. As her kidneys started to fail, administering fluids actually became a bonding experience. She too let us know that she was tired and wanted to join the family waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

Then, the silly notion of being able to foster. 4 kittens. Was only supposed to be one - a little kitten with such big eyes that she looked like those old paintings of the animals with oversized eyes. She was terrified in the photo at the pound, with her impressive ears going completely out to the side, eyes pleading to the camera. Surely, someone would step up and grab her. When I awoke the next day to see that wasn't so, and not only that, but people were making fun of her appearance! Well, that was it. And hey, while you're going to foster one, why not add the remaining 2 litter mates of a trio (poor Doc) and then one last one simply for transport? Sure. The foster of the transport decided this little poof was too much trouble when after a day he had not used the litter box at all. Time to bring him back to the pound. Uh no. Monty (Montague was a gorgeous, incredibly soft gray-by, now demanding to be held in one hand while a paint brush was working away for home improvement in the other). Somehow the big eyed little lady, now Starla Jean, wasn't going anywhere either. And after much crying after bringing the litter mates, the little orange Sonny and his tortie sister Cher, to adoption events, they were home as well. And lesson learned; for us, only foster whom you intend to keep. The little 4 year olds add love and joy every day, and they all stop when the phrase, "Time for your smoochy-smoochies!" is heard, knowing that is when mucho kisses are coming.

They add so much and are family. Knowing how much we all adore our furry ones, we have gone through and reduced all of our costs. It is a difficult time to start with, and if you're going through a heart-wrenching loss, we would like to offer our services at a more affordable rate. Please give your babies love from all of us here at and from our family to yours, stay safe!

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